2018-19 academic year

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Michaelmas Term 2018 Term Card

– Week 1, Tuesday: Freshers Social at Oriel College

A warm welcome from the physics society to all the freshers! Whether you are a physics student or simply someone who’s fascinated by the laws of nature, this is a society for you! Get to know your peers by joining us on Tuesday, October 9th at Oriel College for our first social of the year, with free drinks, pizzas and games.

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– Week 1, Thursday: Professor Andrew Wells: Was Stefan a climate physicist? Plus other icy tales

Undergraduate physicists often encounter Josef Stefan’s work in thermodynamics via the Stefan-Boltzmann Law for radiative transfer. However Stefan also made seminal contributions to polar geophysics via his modelling of crystal growth, motivated by the freezing of the Arctic Ocean to form sea ice. The talk will discuss the significance for polar climate of these so-called Stefan problems. Starting from Stefan’s analysis of the thermodynamics of ice growth, Professor Wells will introduce some of the weird and wonderful properties of sea ice, its interaction with atmospheric and oceanic fluid flows, and its role in nonlinear climate feedbacks. He will conclude by summarising some of the challenges in developing physically-based models to predict the future of sea ice in the Arctic.
Andrew Wells is an Associate Professor in Physical Climate Science at the University of Oxford. His research group focuses on improving understanding of physical processes that contribute to controlling the climate state. His work uses mathematical and numerical methods to develop theoretical models informed by analogue laboratory experiments. His current research areas include the physics of sea ice, interaction of ice sheets and glaciers with the ocean, and turbulent buoyancy-driven fluid flow.

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– Week 2, Thursday: Professor Jenny Nelson (Imperial) : Solar energy conversion and carbon emissions mitigation

– Week 3, Wednesday: Professor Achillefs Kapanidis’s class: Illuminating biology by breaking the diffraction limit

– Week 3, Thursday: Professor Tim Palmer: The real butterfly effect

– Week 4, Wednesday: TPP Halloween Social

– Week 4, Thursday: Dr. David Alonso: Open questions and state of art

– Week 6, Wednesday: Professor Stephen Blundell’s class : How to cook a spherical chicken

– Week 7, Thursday: Dr. Kate Shaw (Sussex, ATLAS): From Collision to Measurement: Particle Physics with ATLAS experiment

– Week 8, Xmas Social (Exact date TBC)

– Week 8, 29 Nov: Sir Chris Llewelyn Smith : The Energy Transition: How Can Physicists Help?

+ 1 class (Details TBC)

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